Values of the Firm

Our values define the character of our firm, guide our behavior and our decisions, in Pérez Góngora & Asociados we promote the following fundamental values:


I value, recognize, accept, appreciate and understand the qualities, rights and obligations of one’s own and others.


I have initiative, I use all my intelligence to do the activities in the best possible way, aware of the acts I carry out and their consequences. I have the habit of punctuality and I am meticulous of my personal presentation.


I am always sincere with others, I commit and express with coherence and authenticity in accordance with the values of truth and justice.

Service attitude:

I have a passion and willingness to help others, allowing to facilitate access to the common good.

Constantly updated:

I am trained and updated in knowledge and tools of work, looking for my integral development and excellence.


I behave with professionalism acting coherently with what is desirable or what should be done, without using cheating or bribes.


I meet customer expectations.


I acquire commitments and responsibilities, I act accordingly to achieve the objectives established in the defined time.

Value added:

I help clients in their growth and consolidation of assets, seeking to exceed their expectations.

Work environment:

I work in an environment of harmony and respect among colleagues, always maintaining good communication.


Motivated by economic and non-economic incentives, the good performance of my team members.


I do synergy and cohesion among peers, sharing values, positive attitudes and standards of conduct, spreading solidarity, in order to maximize results.